#018 Relevant Customs x Budweiser | Air Jordan 1 “All-Star” Custom Sneaker Artist Proof 1/1

Relevant Customs x Budweiser | Air Jordan 1 All-Star - Custom Sneaker Artist Proof 1 of 1
A collection totaling 23 pairs, the Budweiser All-Star has never been available to a member of the public. The sneaker has been gifted to the likes of BigBoi, and more. Presented for the first time at NFT.NYC 2022, this is the artist proof pair of sneakers — the original template for the collection, and the only opportunity for a member of the public to acquire the legendary shoes. Established in 2012, Relevant Customs is a diverse assembly of gifted shoemakers who forever changed the sneaker industry by pioneering the art of post-retail sneaker customization. Following the mantra of We can make sneakers out of anything! The creative team gave birth to the stunningly iconic Budweiser All-Star Air Jordan 1. Perfectly constructed from the finest printed leather and suede, this one-of-a-kind design would become an indelible piece of the sneaker history.
US Mens Size 13 The shoe will have Metaverse integration.